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Loving Hut is an all-vegan chain restaurant featuring a broad range of menu items, including: veggie burgers, fried rice, udon soup, spinach quesadillas, salads, and more. Menu items range in price from about $3.50 for small items to $7-9 for entrees.

They have a special between 3-6pm through March that offers 15% off your bill.

Added by Cass Danger on Feb 3 10 (last updated Jan 16 11)

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I'm very happy that Loving Hut is here, as there aren't a ton of veg options in this part of Chelsea, but I can't say that I find their food to be particularly creative, authentic, or tasty. The menu does have a pretty wide variety of items (veggie burgers, Thai curries, quesadillas) and everything is very reasonably priced.

The Shanghai dumpling appetizer for $6 is good, as is the spinach quesadilla, which is about $7. I've also had the curry udon soup, which is a little too thick and chunky to be called soup, and would benefit from more of what I consider "real" vegetables, versus being mostly potatoes and some carrots. The Thai curry is good and the tofu in it has a great texture, like it had been frozen.

I've had the veggie burger but wasn't that impressed with it. The whole wheat bun it came on and the spicy chipotle sauce were great, but I didn't too much care for the burger itself. It tasted like super-processed veggie ham and not like a burger. That said, it was $5 and made the perfect next-day lunch on my flight.

The service is also very friendly, although sometimes scattered, and I talked w/ some of the employees about their working conditions and they all seemed pretty happy. A lot of restaurants exploit workers (particularly recent immigrants) so it's nice to find a place where the workers feel they are treated well.

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I've visited a number of Loving Hut restaurants in California - San Francisco, San Jose, and Milpitas - so I was very happy to see one opening closer to home on the East Coast.

This location is the smallest I've been in - seats 10-15 people max, and seems more designed for takeout - it shares with the others a big flatscreen tv showing video from suprememaster.tv.

The food is consistently good quality (and great value for the price) with some being great - not high end gourmet, but also not the heavily fried, all faux meat, unhealthy Chinese food you can get at some cheap vegan to-go joints. Just healthy, tasty, cruelty-free goodness.

My favorites include the Thai Curry and the Sautéed Udon, as well as all the appetizers (edamame, dumplings, and mixed vegetables).

The location is great if you're coming into town through Penn Station (NJ Transit, Amtrak, LIRR). Makes a great quick trip out to get takeout to bring on the Acela.

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