Butter Cafe

Dayton, Ohio


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A bright and friendly stop on a rainy day! Everything is made to order and wonderfully prepared. I went in alone, but the group of 8 or so women at the next table were treated to a colorful array of dishes and, attesting from the empty plates, they enjoyed them! I enjoyed a full-flavored vegan Reuben with kettle chips...great coffee as well! Open for breakfast and lunch, breakfast is served all day. I especially enjoyed the friendliness of the wait staff who were happy to hang with me a bit and chat. They also have some vegan baked goods, but, alas, not enough because they were all out! Maybe next time. Don't rush...enjoy your time at The Butter Cafe. Only mark down is that they are not fully vegan.

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The people taking my order and making the food the place had no idea what vegan even meant. I'm pretty sure my sandwich had dairy in it.

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Daughter's meal came first - eggs okay, untoasted toast and over seasoned potatoes.
My meal came much later and was set down in front of me along with the cleaning rag the waitress just used to clean a table...gross! The potatoes had way too much pepper so could not eat. The iced tea was good. Conversation was difficult as the radio music was so loud and annoying with a cheap sound system. The A/C was barely on and it was a hot/muggy day. The cupcakes and cookies in the case looked good, we did not buy. Might go back another time, this place is new and needs to solve some problems. For now a better meal and nicer service could be had at Waffle House.

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