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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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I have eaten there 3 times and have tried many different items on the menu. All that I have tried have been good. Some more than others. There were a few dishes that I felt were a little bland but in general I very much like the restaurant. The soy chorizo and black bean burrito is to die for.

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I have to say that I wasn't super impressed with Cafe Corazon. They are definitely making an effort to supply vegan food (soy chorizo, herb tofu, mixed veggies, soy cheese), but I felt that a lot of their menu items lacked flavor.

I got the vegan enchiladas, and was happy to find out that they use Teese (vegan) cheese, although the waitress was initially thought their soy cheese contained casein. I got one enchilada with mixed veggies and it totally lacked flavor; I don't think they really seasoned the veggies. I got the other enchilada with soy chorizo and it was very good, likely because the soy chorizo is already so heavily seasoned.

I was really disappointed that my cheese was barely melted when my food came out; I had big chunks of solid cheese on my enchiladas and must have been visibly annoyed because the cook came over and said "you don't like the cheese, do you? that cheese is hard to melt, should I throw it back in to cook?" I'm glad that the cook recognized his mistake but I'm disappointed he'd send something out that he knew could have been prepared better. Cooking it more would have been an improvement, but I was already halfway through my food and there was salad on my plate so it would have been weird to reheat.

Apparently the rice has chicken broth in it so instead of rice and beans, I was given a double order of beans. I'm glad they were looking out for me but I would have preferred to get a different side (such as the side of veggies they offer), instead of an extra side of black beans, which totally lacked flavor. Both my dining partner (a Mexican chef) and I dumped a ton of salt and hot sauce onto the beans.

Finally, as I don't drink alcohol, the waitress said I could get a virgin margarita. Bad idea. What I was given was a glass with ice, 50/50 soda, and lime juice. It was terribly bitter and bland. She told me that they don't use margarita mix so when you get a virgin drink, that's what you get. They also don't have a blender, which I think may have slightly improved my drink. I was only charged $1.50 for the drink but it was so awful and I think should have been removed from the bill altogether since it wasn't what I requested and I didn't end up drinking it.

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Amazing fresh salsa and whole grain chips!! The restaurant super small, gotta get there before 4 o' clock to get one of the 5 tables but they have a bar to wait at. Very cute atmosphere and we loved all the skulls and hearts around the place.

The margaritas were all really good & strong. Only thing I didn't like was that they don't do guacamole all the time (only when avocados are in season) but I guess that's a good thing as far as quality goes. The quesadillas we had were soy cheese and soy chorizo and another was soy cheese and veggies both were amazing! They also have tacos and burritos on the menu and a soup of the day. Pretty small menu but the quality is superior!!

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