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Szechuan cuisine in Roseville with some vegan options

Located in a stripmall in Roseville, Szechuan offers mapo tofu, sauteed snow pea leaves, shredded potato with green peppers, lotus roots with pepper salt, scallion pancakes and more.

Some seemingly vegetarian dishes contain meat, so make sure to ask questions before you order.

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UPDATE: Szechuan is a welcome addition to Roseville and has some unusual dishes that are hard to come by in the Twin Cities. Compared to Little Szechuan in St. Paul, or Evergreen in Minneapolis, it doesn't offer as much for vegans. That said, it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the Roseville area.

I started with a scallion pancake ($2.95) which was a great value considering the size of the appetizer. It's basically fried dough filled with green onions. It was tasty, but not the best I've ever had; it was a bit too heavy on the dough and light on the scallions. That said, this is one of the only places in the Twin Cities where you can get scallion pancakes any day of the week (Grand Szechuan in Bloomington offers them only on the weekends).

For my main course I had a Ma Po Tofu ($9.95) which normally is made with pork (which isn't stated on the menu), but was modified to be meat-free for me. Definitely ask questions about the "vegetables" dishes as many are made with meat.

It was a really solid mapo with silky-smooth tofu, shards of green onion, and tons of oil and pepper. Definitely don't get this dish if you're on a diet as, by weight, it's probably 50% oil. That said, it's nice to have maybe once a month. I liked that they added a slight touch of black pepper to the dish; in general, the dish was spicy, but the spice doesn't linger on your tongue, you don't need to keep reaching for your water, and your palate feels oddly refreshed after a few bites. It's an unusual type of spicy.

On a whole, I think it edges out Little Szechuan's mapo, but falls short of Evergreen's creative take (which is made with mock pork and has better quality tofu, in my opinion).

The second time I went I had a lotus root with pepper salt ($10) with was very tasty, but seemed more of a fried appetizer snack than a full dish. For those of you familiar with Jasmine 26's acclaimed "sea salt and pepper tofu cube" appetizer, this lotus root dish is similar: it's batter-fried lotus root with red and green bell peppers and a spicy/savory seasoning. There's no sauce to this dish, so it doesn't work well with rice, but the dish is fun to eat on its own, especially with the lettuce shards they provide. The wet, fresh nature of the lettuce mixes well with the fried, dry nature of the battered lotus root.

On both occasions I went, the service was mixed and occasionally indifferent and unhelpful; servers were slow to take our order, and we had to ask for tea (whereas I noticed they would automatically put tea on other tables).

If Szechuan had more vegan dishes (such as a meat-free "family tofu," or a new take on Little Szechuan's wonderful Spicy Fried Tofu), and was more knowledgeable about vegetarianism and veganism, I'd come back more often. As it stands, Szechuan does have some unusual offerings (such as shredded potato with green pepper, lotus roots with pepper salt, sauteed snow pea leaves, and spinach with garlic sauce) and is worth a look.

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On the northwest corner of Snelling Avenue N. and County Road B West.


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