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This is your hippie yoga studio cafe with raw dishes, wraps, curry bowls and whatnot. That said, it's not bad at all.

I had a chipotle tempeh scramble ($8) which was really filling and beautifully presented: zucchini noodles, micro-thin curls of carrots and awesome red rice. The dish came together with avocado and green chili sauce (which seemed more like a cilantro chutney).

I also had a small pot of loose-leaf black tea ($3) and a vegan chocolate chip cookie ($2). The tea was great, but the cookie was terrible: it was gritty/sandy, not moist at all, and not sweet either.

The space itself is atmospheric with comfortable wooden benches, lots of light, and an indoor waterfall. That said, there's not a ton of seating so don't come with a group larger than two.

Given the lack of decent vegan options in the Pearl, I'm really glad that Prasad is around to offer some good food. I'm also happy that they're open early in the morning, as vegan breakfast options in the Pearl/Downtown are almost non-existent.

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