Montezuma, Costa Rica


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If you have been in Costa Rica long enough to eat a few meals out, you have probably noticed that the vegan options are not exactly abundant. Well, perhaps they are abundant, but they are not very interesting. Organico offers the ethical traveler a much needed break from the casado vegetariano.

The atmosphere here is exactly what a visitor to Montezuma is looking for. The servers are friendly, the outdoor dining area is comfortable, and everyone is extremely chilled out. Thankfully, the staff at Organico is not so tranquilo that they forget to take your order or bring the check. Every time I visited, I was immediately greeted and given a pitcher of water. The servers checked in to ask us how we were enjoying the meal and took pleasure in telling us about their abundant vegan options.

The food here is delicious, nutritious and well presented. I highly recommend the tropical French toast for breakfast. It is worth it for the homemade syrup alone! The tofu scramble was gorgeous and came with a generous side of whole grain bread and homemade pineapple jam. While it was not the best scramble I have ever had, it was good and being able to order this dish in Costa Rica made my whole day. (By the way, there is a tofu scramble offered down the street as well. I recommend sticking with Organico.)

The lunch/dinner menu is even more vegan friendly than the breakfast menu. Their spicy Thai and falafel burgers (with vegan cucumber yogurt sauce!) are to die for. I could feel the nutrition rushing back into my body while eating the whole grain bun. I was less excited about the dragon noodle bowl. It was flavorful, but I felt that it could have used just one substantial ingredient like a mock meat or even a side of their delicious breads.

There are a variety of delicious vegan desserts and smoothies/juices to choose from as well. The Turkish delight smoothie was made with real dates and a careful blend cardamom, cinnamon and other flavors. The brownie was dark, rich, gooey and perfect.

My only real beef with this restaurant is the prices. This place is way too expensive for most backpackers that are coming to visit this hippie influenced town. Many of the meals cost more than they would at a similar restaurant in the States. That having been said, for the vegan who can't handle another plantain, bean or grain of rice, Organico might be the most interesting option in the country.

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