Vegetarian's Paradise 2 (VP2)

Manhattan, New York City


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I try to make it here every time I visit NYC, it's good, reasonably priced and usually very fast!

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I found Vegetarian's Paradise to be less tasty or eclectic compared to its neighbor Red Bamboo. My stir-fry was sticky and heavy and they don't have any standard desserts like tofu cheesecake or pies. The service was slow and inattentive, too. There was nothing special or unusual about this place and I'd probably skip it on the next trip. Red Bamboo has a bigger, better menu with more desserts and better service.

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Get the crispy soul chicken. It is absolutely amazing and I have yet to meet a meat-eater who didn't absolutely love it! I've eaten here a million times and have pretty much enjoyed everything I've had, except their "paella", which was nothing more than huge vegetable chunks and rice. It didn't resemble paella at all and should have been called a stirfry. Their vegan milkshakes are also really watery. Other than that, the food is great.

Their lunch specials are a great deal--you get a big plate of stirfry, a sandwich, or noodles for about $7, plus soup, a spring roll, or chicken satay. Definitely a better deal than dinners, which are about $12-14.

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Vegetarian Paradise 2 in my opinion is one the "must go" places as far as vegetarian restaurants go in New York. Everything you'll find on the menu is not only prepared well but is served with a gourmet flair. If you order any imitation chicken or beef, you're going to question if it's really chicken or beef. They do a good job of designing the texture of their wheat gluten based dishes. A popular favorite is the crispy soul chicken (the vegetarian equivalent of chicken fingers or nuggets), whether as an appetizer or a full meal, this is by far one of the best imitation chicken dishes around and an innocent pleasure.
Be careful how much you order, because you'll need to take it home with you. The portions are hearty, the appetizers alone could fill you up like a full course meal. I personally like their selection of vegetables, collard green, and curry rolls, which is pretty much unheard of at most vegetarian chinese restaurants. The vegetables are very very clean and chunky, just be sure to have some sauce on hand in case you're not fond of the blandness of some dishes. Also available on the menu is a full selection of fruit and vegetable smoothies, and decent selection of salads. The staff is very friendly and since Fridays and Saturdays seem to be popular nights, don't always expect to get a table randomly while hanging out downtown. Say hi to Jenny, the hostess who greets you when you walk threw the door, and makes you feel at home. Nice decor, good music on the house system, and restrooms that are clean enough to respect yourself afterwards; eating at VP2 means you love yourself real good. Enjoy.

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If you're wandering around the Washington Square Park area, VP2 is the perfect place to stop by for a casual lunch or dinner. The crispy soul "chicken" is a must have. Big thumbs up.

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