Everest on Grand

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I love this place. The buffet is superb, with lots of vegan options. Ordering off the menu is fantastic as well. The menu has vegan options listed. My favorites are geda-gudi (a tasty bean soup), jogi-tarkari (a tomato based vegetable curry), and veggie momos.

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We originally wrote a great review for this place. Don't get me wrong, it's still very good. However, we went back tonight and ordered the vegetarian combo for two. We got the new matar paneer dish as one of the entrees, and an eggplant one ordered medium spice.

I was excited about the matar paneer because I had made it at home recently and loved it, so I was curious how a restaurant would prepare it. I was surprised when it came with hardly any tomatoes in it, and SUPER buttery!! It was basically matar paneer, but substitute the tomato sauce with some kind of buttery cheese sauce.

We also had veggie momos and garlic naan. The momos were excellent and tasted great with the sauce it came with. The garlic naan was rather dry. The service was fine although our order was taken rather late considering it was only a tuesday and not that busy...

Will not give up on this place, but those thing surprised me and just thought I'd pass it along!

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Consistently good. Been for lunch twice now. I don't normally do buffets so ordered off the menu. Food was good with a good spice level(medium baby!).

Planning to add this as a regular lunch place.

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Atmosphere: 3.5
Not bad, not great. Can get somewhat crowded, but the general layout is okay.

Service: 4.0
The servers were friendly, and they knew what they were talking about. Though parts of the menu were a bit muddled, the servers were very accommodating and made sure to check on the few things they didn't have answers for.

Food: 4.5
I hadn't had Nepalese food before, and the flavors were delicious and different. The spice can be altered completely to your palate for almost all the dishes, and the very spicy food is very spicy. Don't order too much, the portions are generous!

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So many wonderful vegan choices, and reasonable prices. I can even go there with family and friends who are omnivores or vegetarian.

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What a nice place to eat!

Went here for a date, and the atmosphere was warm and casual. With a great selection of food and very prompt and friendly service, this restaurant rocks.


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Everest on Grand is, on a whole, the best Nepalese restaurant in the Twin Cities. The decor is nice and cozy and the service is friendly (though fairly slow, so don't expect a quick lunch here).

First, I started out with a samosa ($2.50). It was flaky, hot and nicely seasoned; it was definitely one of the better samosas I've had in the Twin Cities.

Next I had a kathar curry (jackfruit curry) ($10.95), which was great; the portion size was easily 75% larger than the jackfruit curry at The Himalayan, but the same price. And they didn't skimp on the jackfruit, either. The flavors were good, but it could have used a bit more seasoning or spice. I enjoyed the extra finishes they added, such as fresh chopped cilantro and tomato.

Finally, you can get a good sense of the sophistication and quality control of an Indian or Nepalese restaurant by their rice and bread. Accordingly, this is where I realized that Everest was the best Nepalese joint in town. I had a side of white rice ($1) and a piece of tandoori roti ($2.50), which is a vegan alternative to naan (naan is usually made with milk/yogurt). I didn't like that they charged me for the rice, which seems really cheap and tacky, especially if it's not even brown rice. That said, it was some of the best white rice I've had in the US: it was bone-dry, long-grain basmati rice, nicely fluffed. It takes skill to make rice that well, with the grains not sticking to each other. You don't see it often. The roti was also excellent: light, soft, fluffy and huge. From the rice and roti alone, I could tell that Everest has a serious, diligent cook.

A few drawbacks, though: because they have a buffet, it's not exactly a quiet place. There's constant chatter and over-fed people are continually shuffling around. Don't expect to have a quiet, laid-back lunch here.

Second, while I like that they have a 15% discount for MPR members, they didn't give me a discount, claiming it is valid only on weekdays. Something didn't sound right about that to me, and once I got home and checked, I saw that THEY were in the wrong; there is a 15% discount at all times of the day, every day. I didn't appreciate them not knowing their own policy.

Third, the menu is very busy and not laid-out in a clear manner. I had to ask questions about confirm what's vegan vs. vegetarian.

Lastly, Everest doesn't have an extensive, innovative chai menu like Namaste Cafe; nor does it offer soy milk for its regular chai, which seems like a major oversight. Other than these drawbacks, I definitely liked Everest and will be back to try other dishes.

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Very tasty and veg/vegan-friendly as others have stated.

Have been for dinner and it was delish. If you have an eating partner, the COMBO MEAL is a good deal--like 17.80 (or something close to that) and you get 2 vegetarian curries (you pick), daal (a lentil type soup), the potato salad type thing (can't remember what it is called-but it is delicious!), rice, and dessert...enough of everything to have left-overs. The dessert was the only thing that I wouldn't want again, as, although it was tasty, like a funnel cake, it is most obviously not healthy at all--loads of sugar and deep fried! Perhaps this can be substituted, I am going to ask about this next time...

Also, if you like spicy food, they pull it off very well. Don't be brave and go for spicier than you think you can handle because it will probably be too spicy...you can always get hot sauce on the side (which is very tasty but VERY hot) if it isn't spicy enough...but it probably will be.

The momos are amazing too and the naan is good as well. I am not a naan expert (by any means) but this one is sweeter and softer than what I've had before--to add, as you might expect, the naan has milk in it.

Anyway, very good, and if you like this but are closer to the Seward neighborhood, the Himalayan is another delicious Nepalese restaurant!

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The food was very good and the staff was very helpful as far as figuring out what was vegan and whatnot. I ate the veggie momo, veggie pakora, and the kabuli chana. Though the other dishes were good, I found the kabuli chana to be excellent and a little more flavorful.

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I needed something to eat on Grand Ave. while doing some Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. I stepped out of the snowy weather and into this little gem, and found myself with excellent tea (Kaalo Chiya) and buffet. I don't recall the names of everything I had. Pakora, a rice dish, potatoes, vegetables, excellent spices. Most of the items on the buffet were vegetarian. We've ordered the vegetable momos from the menu and recommend them highly.

Only drawback is the price. Would have rated it excellent otherwise.

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I went here tonight with a few friends, and the four of us had a great vegan meal. We got two full orders of the vegetable momos because they were so delicious! We also ordered the Kabuli chana (garbanzo bean curry), Katahar (jackfruit), and the Ramtoria (Bhindi) (okra). All three were delicious and very well-spiced. We ordered all three with a medium spice level which was perfect, but the okra dish seemed to be spicier than the rest of the dishes. The service was definitely a little slow because the restaurant was full, but I will definitely be back here soon! Yum!

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Service can be a little spotty, but once the food arrives it doesn't really matter. They have carry-out as well. By far the best vegetarian restaurant in St. Paul.

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This continues to be my favorite Asian restaurant. There is no comparison to their quality versus most local Indian restaurants. All of the vegetables are fresh - nothing canned or frozen. The weekday brunch is the best in town and for $9 with tax is worth every penny. They always have a vegan soup, appetizer, 3-4 vegan entrees, small salad bar, and achar (chutney). Evenings are good too but more expensive and very busy on weekends.

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I meant to write the review last week. I didn't, and since then I've lost a lot of the details. However, I can say that the momos (dumplings) are excellent, and the samosas are really great, too. I got the chau chau (I think) and it was good, although it was a bit spicy. That's probably my own fault, for ordering a "mild+" I like that they have levels between mild and medium and medium and hot, but if you have a tough time with spice, stick to the mild. Don't even try and be tough.

The green jackfruit dish is good - jackfriut is a little sweet with a mushroom-like texture.

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I ate here last night. It was really great. We did have to wait for a table, but it was definitely worth the wait. I had the Katahar curry (young jackfruit buds cooked with tomato, onion, and spices) and my dining companion had Ram-toria Bindi curry (fried okra sauteed with potato and herbs). I ordered mine "medium" and my dining companion ordered theirs "mild". Both were really, <i>really</i> good. I can't wait to go back.

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The food during dinner is always really really good. I can't remember the names of everything, but I have not eaten anything I did not thoroughly enjoy, and I've been there many times. The spices are just amazing.

I went to the lunch buffet once. While it was nice that they had veggie items available, all of the food was cold or lukewarm. The service was awful, my water glass was empty on the end of the table for a VERY long time, and there were only three other people eating.

But my horrible lunch experience does not outweigh the goodness of the dinners I've had. Lots of interesting dishes. And the staff is very helpful in finding out what is vegan and what is not, and they understand what vegan means.

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This place is amazing! I absolutely loved the food. The staff was super friendly. I really like the atmosphere. They have a lot of vegan/vegetarian options.

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Good food, and friendly staff. The lunch buffet always has 2 veg dishes + appetizers and salad fixings. Note that the yellow rice with veggies in it (can't remember the name, but they always have it at the buffet) has butter in it. The buffet is a little more than I'd like at $9 ($11 on the weekends), but the food is quite good.

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Mmmm Yummy!!! Many, many good things to be found here, even the simplest of thier dishes (daal) is fabulous. Thier menu is interesting and varied enough that even your carnivorous friends will enjoy, however this might not be the place for you if you can't handle a little spice in your food.

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As previously said, the lunch buffet is very vegan friendly. The staff is knowledgeable about ingredients and seems genuinely happy to discuss this with you. I eat here at least a couple of times a month.

They keep the water coming but are consistantly slow with the check. So if you're in a rush be sure to just go up to the counter.

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The food here is consistently good, and they have a great selection of dishes. Nepalese food is fairly similar to Indian food, and the Nepalese curry dishes on the menu are all delicious. The momo (steamed dumplings) are great appetizers, as are the samosas. They also offer a Tibetan stir-fried noodle dish that is quite tasty as well. The lunch buffet is a great deal, given how vegan-friendly it is.

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