Amsterdam Falafel Shop

District of Columbia, USA


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Really good "fast food". Falafels were amazing and tasty. Loved that there is an option for whole wheat pita. The selection of toppings was amazing-- smooth hummus, baba ganoush (excuse my spelling), various tomato/ cucumber salads, cilantro, spicy sauces, tahini, etc.

I love that the falafel comes out fresh & hot from an oven with the pita crispy and toasty.

I would definitely go back again!

Suggestions- have baked falafel as an option (if it isn't already baked)

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This place has good falafel. It's well-spiced, nicely fried and best of all, you can load up on an array of interesting and unusual toppings.

I had a small falafel sandwich ($4.40) and added some lemon-garlic topping, marinated tomatoes and onions, and some lettuce. But there were salsa options, tahini, cucumbers and other vegetables, marinara-chickpea stuff, and more.

I just wish this place accepted credit cards and there was more space. I can't imagine how difficult to navigate this place must be on busy nights, especially with the toppings-bar.

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I just had a falafel here and it was SOOOOO good. I had the small falafel on wheat ($4.50) and it didn't seem much smaller than the regular ($6.25). I piled it high with some of everything and it tasted great. I really liked the slightly-sweet tomato salsa, paired with loads of tahini, roasted cauliflower, and cucumber salad.

My friend and I also shared the frites (french fries) and they were quite tasty. We tried the peanut sauce (good but very inappropriate for the falafel and fries) and also experimented with fries and tahini. Gross.

I'm not sure if this place is always super crazy but we went right after the Obama concert let out and it was PACKED, with lines out of the door.

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I loved the fact that you get to make your own falafel!! I stuffed mine with all sorts of things and it was yummy (although a bit weird -- I stuck too many things together). It was a fun experience! The various garnishes and toppings tasted good, and the price was reasonable. The babaganoush in particular was very flavorful. I also like the idea that my falafel sandwich could be very different each time!

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