Amsterdam Falafel Shop

District of Columbia, USA

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Falafel and fries

Restaurant, Caterer

Fast food joint specializing in falafel and twice-cooked Dutch-style fries. You get to make your own falafel from a wide variety of garnishes including tahini sauce, babaganoush, hummus, red cabage, fried cauliflower, curry cauliflower, and lots of garlicy and hot toppings. They have 18 toppings/garnishes, which are almost all vegan! You can have a small falafel, which is half a pita bread with 3 falafel balls, for $4 or a big falafel, which is a full falafel bread with 5 falafel balls, for $6.25.

Very fast service. Cash only.

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Really good "fast food". Falafels were amazing and tasty. Loved that there is an option for whole wheat pita. The selection of toppings was amazing-- smooth hummus, baba ganoush (excuse my spelling), various tomato/ cucumber salads, cilantro, spicy sauces, tahini, etc.

I love that the falafel comes out fresh & hot from an oven with the pita crispy and toasty.

I would definitely go back again!

Suggestions- have baked falafel as an option (if it isn't already baked)

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This place has good falafel. It's well-spiced, nicely fried and best of all, you can load up on an array of interesting and unusual toppings.

I had a small falafel sandwich ($4.40) and added some lemon-garlic topping, marinated tomatoes and onions, and some lettuce. But there were salsa options, tahini, cucumbers and other vegetables, marinara-chickpea stuff, and more.

I just wish this place accepted credit cards and there was more space. I can't imagine how difficult to navigate this place must be on busy nights, especially with the toppings-bar.

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Adams Morgan


Two doors north of the Colonial Parking lot, on the same side of the street.


No Reservations

Not Wheelchair Accessible


$$ - average

Cash Only


  • Middle Eastern/Persian


  • Outdoor Seating


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11am - midnight

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