Yum! Yum!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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This place has a lot of character and characters. It's sort of like an old DQ where you order at a counter and then wait at the plastic booths or counter for your order. Often there are interesting discussions going on while people wait. The owner is adorable, smiling and kind. This is a great place to get delicious take out, but not for a fancy date.

There is a veg platter that is vegan. The baba, tabouli salad and hummos are super great. The falafel is excellent. Pickled turnips come with the food and they're wonderful. The price is pretty low, maybe $10 for a huge platter of all the veg items. It is plenty to feed two people.

If it's not busy, the owner will often give you green pureed lentil soup while you wait. This place is not Indian as one review says but Middle Eastern style food.

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This is the place to go for fast fried american/indian food. The usual indian food items are vegan... falafel, hummus, fries...

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