Stur-dee Health Products

Brooklyn, New York City


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I am SO happy to have found this place. I'm in the neighborhood on a fairly regular basis but am usually on Fulton Street, a block away, and never spent much time walking around Livingston, which is much less interesting.

The store is consistently packed and it seems to be a staple in the community and I'm the only one new to the game. :) I usually get the banana/tofu yogurt/noni shake, which is spectacular. The small (8 oz, perhaps), is $3.25 and the large is around $5.75, which seem slightly pricey, but considering I don't buy shakes much, this may very well be normal.

I've gotten grocery items here and there, including Tofutti vegan cheese slices and I can't wait to try their frozen tofu yogurt, which they use in their shakes. Last time I was here, I was on my way to work but I will def be back to get it on my way home next time! I've also gotten some vitamins here, which seem to be pretty reasonably priced.

I'm glad they have some Caribbean soy patties since it's a hot, ready-to-eat option, but I usually pass because they look like the same Golden Krust patties that are sold all over the place in Crown Heights/Flatbush/Downtown Brooklyn.

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