One Lucky Duck at Chelsea Market

Manhattan, New York City


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I was excited to find an all-vegan cafe in the middle of Chelsea Market. Even more exciting: One Lucky Duck is run by the same people who own Pure Food and Wine. Like its upscale sibling, One Lucky Duck specializes in raw foods. One unfortunate consequence is that the prices are fairly steep (even by Chelsea Market standards).

I purchased a moon pie for $9, which looked shockingly like the real thing, in spite of the fact that none of its ingredients were heated above 118 degrees F. However, the illusion faded once I bit into the moon pie. The texture of the "marshmallow" filling reminded me of ice cream. I like ice cream, so this wouldn't have been a problem on its own, except that it also tasted like someone had forgotten to sweeten it. I didn't dislike the moon pie, per se, but eating a dessert that resembles unsweetened ice cream was just a little too strange for me to wrap my head around. It might be an acquired taste but, at $9 for a tiny portion, it's not a taste that I want to acquire.

I was much more impressed with the juice bar, which had a nice selection of freshly squeezed concoctions. Again, the prices were steep, but I'm used to being gauged at juice bars in Manhattan. I was a big fan of the banana nut shake, which was made with homemade cashew milk and had hints of vanilla and cinnamon. I also liked the agave lemonade quite a bit.

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