ChocolaTree Organic Oasis

Sedona, Arizona


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Wow! or Delicious! Is almost always my immediate reaction after tasting any of the amazing vibrant food at ChocolaTree!

And I always leave with an open-hearted smile and warmth.... cultivated from the friendly authentic nurturing playful interactions with all the co-creators, the beautiful crystals, abundant biodiverse garden, uplifting music, and more!

My favorite place in Sedona to nourish my body, find the highest quality supplements and superfoods, delight in consciousness-raising and healing gifts...

Though my current utmost favorite scrumptiousness to get there is the raw sprouted almond butter...... what I Love most about ChocolaTree is knowing that I can trust they are finding the highest quality organic ingredients and supplements and infusing the food with Love.

Thank You!

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Review: I am very fortunate to be able to visit this fun little place often. The food is AMAZING and there are options for both raw and cooked. All of the appetizers are super fabulous and the burrito rocks. Many of the desserts do have honey, even though they are marked "vegan". Be sure to double check and ask when in doubt. The staff is knowledgeable about the food. The cafe offers many dehydrated snacks to-go and their kale chips are some of the best I have had. Be sure to eat in the garden area out back if weather permits - it is a special place.

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