Cafe Florian

Chicago, Illinois

Closed as of Jun 19 11

1450 E 57th St
Chicago, Illinois 60637


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A small cafe

This is the only restaurant in Hyde Park besides Subway that is open until midnight on weekends. Great sandwiches, salads and desserts for vegetarians. The bean and rice dish is vegan and delicious.

Added by Eric Purdy on Sep 22 04 (last updated Jun 21 11)

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This place is decent for vegetarians but pretty bad for vegans. I'm pretty sure that the only vegan options on the menu were a really bland plate of beans and rice and a hummus/veggie appetizer. The bruschetta was sometimes vegan (just olive oil and veggies on bread), but at least once it came out of the kitchen covered in parmesan cheese, so I stopped ordering it. Actually, I pretty much stopped eating here at that point. There are many other "UofC hangouts" in Hyde Park that have much better food options for vegans.

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The waitress here told me that the pasta was vegan, but it wasn't--fortunately I discovered this BEFORE I ate it. I ended up having some kind of wrap instead. It was edible but not very exciting. I would give this restaurant another chance, but I recommend talking to the manager rather than the waitstaff in order to find out what's in the food.

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Hyde Park


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11am - midnight

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