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Chicago, Illinois


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Two years ago the Lincoln Park Whole Foods moved from its old location to a newly constructed mega store on Kingsbury & Sheffield (one block south of North Avenue). It is 5 STARS AWESOME. Highlights include:

* Plethora of vegan selections. Lots of fresh, pre-made vegan carry out stuff from Soul Vegetarian East. Vegan cookies, baked goods and other desserts. Some made in-store, some from Candle Cafe in NYC. They now carry the AMAZING Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallow products.

* Lots of high quality organic produce, including pre-sliced organic fruits.

*3 huge salad bars - hot and cold items

*Great cruelty-free product selection.

*coffee bar up front that has soy and almond milk, and live music.

*five mini-restaurants and a wine bar inside. Fantastic vegan hot dogs, vegan pizza, excellent vegetable sushi (if not happy with pre-made selections you can order exactly what you want and they make it fresh right there).

*Great location. It's walking distance to about everything in Lincoln Park and a super short car or bike ride from Wicker Park and Bucktown.

*Plenty of parking in huge, free parking cave. You don't need to validate a ticket, it's not gated. Spots up front reserved for alternative fuel vehicles.

And now for the bad stuff. The vegetarian and vegan items on the restaurant menus are still at the bottom of the list. Like veganism is an after-thought and vegans should still get to the back of the line. If Whole Foods isn't going to list the veggie dog in front of the frankfurter, who is?

Also disgusting is that when you walk in the main entrance, unless you cut through the body products section you're forced to walk past the fish and meat section...and it literally STINKS. People are offended by this. They should but the fish and meat in the back of the store.

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