Lima, Peru


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Hit and miss - I've eaten here twice, both times terribly slow service, and the Italian style dishes and veggie burgers were not great. However, as you'd expect the curry-oriented dishes were lovely.

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Govinda is a large chain that has restaurants all over Peru. This Govinda is one of the largest locations in the country. It features outdoor seating, as well as a store that sells handicrafts from India. Govinda seems to be moving away from the Peruvian tradition of serving a daily 3-course menĂº and instead now offers a large selection of a la carte items. The menĂº may still be available for lunch, but at dinner time the 8-page laminated a la carte menu provides a slightly more expensive list of selections (usually about $4 to $6 US for an entree).

Unlike many restaurants in Peru, Govinda doesn't have much to offer in the way of fresh fruit juices. My non-alcoholic pina colada was good but very overpriced at $3.50 US. My meal, on the other hand, was quite a good deal at $4 US. I ordered the Tibetan dinner, which consisted of soya meat balls, fresh pineapple, raisins, sugar snap peas and tomatoes, stir-fried in a delicious sauce and served with a side of white rice. My companion ordered a dish of fried tofu and fried bananas, which came with rice and a side salad. Both meals were extremely filling - we didn't even have room to try the vegan cookies that were in the dessert case!

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