Sweet Freedom Bakery

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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I don't know what voodoo magic Sweet Freedom has tapped into, but their stuff is incredibly delicious, considering it's all vegan and gluten-free. It's also free of corn, soy, refined sugar and yeast, just to make things all the more challenging.

Most of their products are made with chickpea flour, coconut, agave, maple syrup and other goodly ingredients.

I had a chocolate donut, a chocolate creme-filled sandwich cookie, a vanilla cupcake and a "dream" bar (made of brown rice, chocolate and coconut). Most of their items all cost $2-4 a piece.

The donut was great: soft, caky and smooth. The cupcake was also good, as it wasn't too sweet, and the texture was moist. the frosting was not buttery or sugary either, which was good.

The creme-filled sandwich cookie was spectacular. Holy crap was this good. It was like eating a sandwich where the bread consisted of tollhouse cookies and the filling consisted of chocolate mousse. This was by far the best thing I tasted.

Lastly, the "dream" bar wasn't good. I thought it tasted too much like brown rice, and the chocolate and coconut flavors just didn't gel. The texture was kind of crumbly and dry, which didn't help matters.

Seating and space on the inside is limited so don't expect to come here and sprawl out with your laptop. That said, this is a nice spot for a chat with a friend and they have some outdoor seating as well.

Sadly, Sweet Freedom does not have any loose-leaf teas, so I ended up with a mediocre bagged variety instead. They should definitely switch to loose-leaf teas exclusively.

Sweet Freedom is a winner, though. It serves a one-of-a-kind product and does a great job, too. I wouldn't have guessed that you could get such quality flavors with so many restrictions, but Sweet Freedom proved me, and the rest of the world, wrong.

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