R Thomas Deluxe Grill

Atlanta, Georgia


rating star

R Thomas is great because at anytime of the day you have a food craving you know you can go there and get a fix. The atmosphere is relaxing, and you do not feel like you only have a sidewalk separating you from all the cars on Peachtree St. The entire sitting area is under a tent outside on pavement and the walls are made of plastic that they roll up in the summer. Don't let that discourage you from going in winter though, because they tie the plastic down and heat up the area with big heaters. In my experience I was never cold there in winter and did not even have to wear a coat while I sat and ate my food. I love the Sloppy Joe and also the Penne Pasta. It is also a great place to go if you have meat eater friends with you because they also serve foods they will enjoy too.

rating star

Fabulous juice bar and smoothie options. Voted best patio atmosphere in Atlanta several years running. Unbelievably great vegan food.

rating star

With a great eclectic atmosphere, R Thomas is a fantastic place to have a great meal. Open 24 hours you can go day or night, vegan/vegetarian/raw and other food choices are available. Worth a trip every time you goto Atlanta. We could be so lucky to have a place like in our towns.

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