Veronica's Place

Limon, Costa Rica
Puerto Viejo, Limon
506 2750 01 32


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Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice, Grocery/Bakery/Deli

Delicious restaurant serving traditional Costa Rican Caribbean fare (coconut rice and bean, fried plantains) as well as veggie burgers, granola, pancakes etc. Veronica's also has an extensive juice menu and sales retail items.

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I had the pleasure of dining at Veronica's Place two times during my trip to Puerto Viejo, Limón, CR last week. Overall, the food was great and very affordable, at about 5.000-5.800 colones or about $10-12 or less per entree. Veronica's offers a number of vegan entrees, and come to think of it, I don't remember there being anything on the menu that wasn't vegan, though I probably didn't notice as I wasn't looking for any.

A note for tourists: Veronica's offers an on-site hostel, with a vegan/vegetarian breakfast option for an additional $6. Currently the rates begin at $25/night for a private room or $10 for a bed. This includes showers, wi-fi and kitchen access; a sounds great for a veg-friendly accommodation! Based on my service and experience, I would not hesitate to try it out in the future.

Moving on to the cuisine, our first lunch started with batidos or fruit smoothies/shakes. I was really craving some pineapple and coconut milk, and our server had no problem accommodating this request, even though there was no such shake listed on the menu. He noted that he tried some and it would be his new "go to."

Our server mentioned several available items that were not listed on the menu, and so we got two of those. One was an eggplant wrap with tahini dressing, the other a black bean & vegetable burger served on bread with non-dairy cheese. Both came served with plátanos with different sauces. The burger had more of a mustard-type sauce for the plantains and the wraps came with a delicious basil pesto. Both dishes were pretty good café food. The presentation was a little lackluster, but, personally, I prefer food that tastes good over that which looks good.

Our second lunch a few days later also started with batidos. This time we ordered off the menu, and we were very happy with our decisions. Both plates were HUGE (we had plenty of leftovers) and this time the presentation was also lovely. My date ordered the black bean patacones with mock steak. The young plantains were fried crisp to perfection with no grease. How did they do that?!? The patacones plate offered three different meat substitutes, and unfortunately, the mock steak was the wrong one. The mock steak was pretty good, but nothing special. Go for the carrot meat; it will not disappoint you (more on this below)!

Recalling the delicious pesto from our previous visit, I went with the basil pasta, which came with a side salad and also a side black beans. Our server asked if I wanted "meat" balls, which were obviously not meat and so obviously I ordered them. They were, in fact, made of carrots and the most delicious thing on the plate; savory and fried to perfection.

Besides the food, Veronica's has a light and airy atmosphere (though a lot of places in CR do...). My favorite decor was a banana flower hanging from the balcony--doesn't get much fresher than that. However, a note of advice: on our first trip we sat in the corner in the back, opposite the stairs. While we were sitting there, the downstairs neighbors were dealing with something that we couldn't see, but smelled nothing short of an outhouse, so if you want to actually enjoy your delicious food, it's probably be best to pick a different seat!

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