Juice and Java

Miami, Florida


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This place definitely has a good amount of vegan options but I didn't think any of them were particularly noteworthy. The soy cheese quesadilla sounded great but they use SoyaKass cheese, which contains casein (not vegan), so that was out. A lot of their interesting-sounding items contained some time of cheese that was fairly central to the dish so omitting it would have left the sandwich/salad a little boring. Most of the vegan options were a hummus wrap, a side salad, or some other vanilla-sounding item.

I decided to just get a smoothie and head somewhere w/ more substantial vegan options so I decided on a kiwi colada. Sounds amazing, right? I was expecting a rich, creamy pina colada w/ kiwi but what I got was a thin, bland kiwi-pineapple smoothie. It tasted like they just blended it with water and ice and no coconut milk. It would probably be good if you're looking for something light and refreshing, but I had a different drink in my mind so I was disappointed.

I would go here again in the future for a snack but I wouldn't rely on it for an interesting, substantial vegan meal.

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