Barcelona, Spain


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We saw a lot of really fun food items here such as vegan tapas in the refrigerated section. We planned on eating supper elsewhere so we didnĀ“t order from the Wok but it looked delicious and vegan friendly! We did buy pasta, rice crackers, vegan "nutella" etc. This store is defintely worth a stop for natural food products.

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Wokimarket's wok dishes looked really good. You pick your base (rice, rice noodles, or non vegan egg noodles) and then toppings and sauce. We didn't order any though as it wasn't dinner time. Instead we shopped for groceries.

Wokimarket has organic fruits and vegetables as well as meat alternatives including vegan tapas spreads and soy/tempe/seitan products. They also had snacks, gluten free/wheat free breads, soup mixes, pasta, etc. The food was reasonably priced and some of the most exciting groceries I have found in Europe including vegan nutella-like spread.

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