Los Angeles, California


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Love the chocolate cupcake and the chocolate dipped doughnuts (especially when they're freshly dipped!). I like really sweet and rich desserts and the chocolate cupcake has little chocolate chips sprinkled throughout, to create a fudgy interior. It's great, especially with the mint frosting. Frostings could be sweeter, but I'm a sweet tooth maniac. The chocolate dipped doughnut is crusty, yet tender inside (can't believe this is baked not fried!). The chocolate dip enhances the crustiness. Love.

The banana cake and cornbread are both kind of oily, but I like them. I love the look of this shop. I hate the parking situation. Perhaps the parking is better at the other locations. I would hope so.

I don't like the carrot cupcakes, not carroty enough. I don't like the cinnamon roll here, which tastes like cardboard. I don't like the cookies because I like chewy soft chocolate chip cookies, not thin and crisp. So, knowing my tastes, you can judge for yourself if you will like Babycakes.

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YUM! So far I've tried the chocolate chip cookie sandwich, biscuit with strawberry jam, and one of the donuts (maybe blueberry?) and everything was super good. They also serve Stumptown coffee. I guess I will find out just how dangerous vegan, soy-free, wheat-free desserts can be!

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