Madrid, Spain


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I browsed the store quite extensively for food to take with me on the plane to encompass 24 hours of travel. There were options I considered such as the spelt flour baguettes but ultimately decided on whole grain spelt flour croissants. I split these and found them to be extremely crumbly and somewhat dry unlike other (moister) spelt croissants I purchased in France. Overall, the store offered a nice variety of vegan baked goods, some gluten free options, jams, some dried beans and various herbs&supplements.

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The store offered a lot of supplements and food but most of the food was either bread or a carbohydrate based item. We found vegan spelt croissants and plenty of other vegan gluten free/wheat free options.

We did not eat in the restaurant but the menu had plenty of vegan offerings though not necessarily traditional Spanish dishes which was more of what I was looking for.

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