Sunny Vibrations

San Francisco, California


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I love vegan food and vegan food trucks, but Sunny Vibrations didn't quite cut it for me.

While the service is friendly, it's really slow: I waited at least 15 minutes for my half-order quesadilla ($4). That said, they did give me a free sample of fresh carrot juice.

The quesadilla was barely edible. It was some vegetables stuffed inside a tortilla, along with vegan cheese. There were a few problems with this dish: at least one of the vegetables was super bitter and unpleasant which really killed the dish. The vegan cheese wasn't good, either (I'm not sure which brand it was, but it definitely wasn't the gold-standard Daiya).

The food offerings here, too, weren't that interesting. For instance, there was nothing with tofu or seitan or any heftier ingredients. I can get a vegetable sandwich or a quesadilla with bell peppers anywhere---why would I ever want to get them from a slow food truck if they won't be high-grade?

If you're in Dolores Park and extremely hungry, Sunny Vibrations is convenient. But I wouldn't go out of my way to come back here.

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