Sweet Sin

Baltimore, Maryland


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The soup is amazing I ordered the chili and got samples of the two other vegan soups. Then I had a vegan cupcake and it was awful. The previous reviewer Lola who didn't get any vegan cupcakes, believe me you did not miss anything. I will go back but no dessert for me

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I was so excited when I heard about this place. It was described to me as a "gluten-free cupcake bakery with tons of vegan desserts" and the business cards say "cupcakes, coffee, gluten-free and vegan options." When I entered the bakery, I saw two types of cupcakes: some were labeled "dairy" and others were labeled "dairy-free." I figured that the "dairy-free" cupcakes were the vegan options so I ordered 6 of them.

After I had paid for the cupcakes with my credit card, I made a comment to my friend about how wonderful it was to find a place with so many vegan cupcakes. The salesperson looked at me and said "oh, those aren't vegan." It turns out that the "dairy-free" cupcakes are milk-free but not egg-free.

The salesperson was nice about offering to exchange the cupcakes for other baked goods that are dairy-free (snickerdoodle cookies and pies). I appreciated the gesture but I was still disappointed that all of those wonderful-looking cupcakes weren't vegan. I realize that it was my fault for not clarifying the meaning of "dairy-free," but I also thought that the signs were pretty misleading. I wish that Sweet Sin would make some vegan cupcakes. Until then, I probably won't be going back.

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