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I read Conde's review (below) and was a little nervous they wouldn't have enough vegan options. To my delight, they've made the menu much more vegan-friendly, and may even have taken Conde's suggestion b/c they have a Tempeh, lettuce and tomato sandwich now! :)

For example, these are their sandwich selections:
cold sandwiches:
1) sharp cheddar, basil pesto & tomato
2) roasted garlic hummos and vegetables
3) roasted veggies, irish sharp cheddar & hummos
4) beets, rosemary, goat cheese, spinach & caramelized onions
5) tempeh, chipotle aioli, pesto, tomato & spinach
6) t L t: tempeh, romaine lettuce, tomato and chipotle aioli

hot sandwiches:
clevo sandwich - a hot, open face sandwich with hummos, spinach, rosemary & mushrooms $7 with cheese $9

Devo Sandwich- a hot, open face sandwich with organic romaine, fresh tomato, basil & caramelized onion $6 with cheese $8

They even have a vegan calzone! As for bakery items, they'll have like ONE vegan muffin, ONE vegan cookie, so you won't go home hungry but it'd be nice if they'd expand the vegan bakery options.

They have brunch on Sundays from 9a-1p. I'd love it if on other days they at least had oatmeal (with all the toppings) available in the mornings. Then I'd get the oatmeal as my breakfast and baked good to-go.

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Always vegan options. Raw vegan menu every Thur. Expert veg and raw food chef Nicole joined the team at Root Cafe and the veg and raw food is outstanding!!

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I came to The Root Cafe looking for a good vegan brunch. Unfortunately, while they open at 6 a.m., they don't actually start serving food until 11 a.m. (why doesn't their website specify this important detail??). I was only passing through Cleveland and was in a rush so I couldn't wait around an extra two hours for them to open their kitchen.

However, I did have some baked goods a cookie and a crumble-bar thing (their only vegan options) and a cup of tea. The tea was overpriced but at least they have a decent selection of loose-leaf varieties. The baked goods were decent but didn't blow me away.

This place isn't particularly vegan-friendly or innovative. Most of the sandwiches are basic with different vegetables, and there's also a brown rice stir-fry and a variety of stone-oven pizzas (they don't have any vegan cheeses, however). All of the sandwiches are either $7 or $9 and the pizzas cost $9-13. It's a pretty pedestrian menu and slightly over-priced.

Given the dearth of vegan options in Cleveland, I suppose Root Cafe isn't a bad joint. But it's could certainly go further in providing interesting vegan items (how about some tempeh or tofu sandwiches/tacos/Italian pasta dishes? How about a lasagna made with TVP or seitan? How about vegan nut cheeses? How about vegan breakfast sandwiches/bagels? I'll take anything, people).

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