Coco's Italian Market

Nashville, Tennessee


This restaurant should NOT be listed as vegan friendly. There is nothing other than the side salad that is vegan. Even the pasta noodles contain eggs. There were no vegan desserts. The waitress indicated that only 2 other people had ever asked for something vegan!?!???

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there should be a rating choice between terrible and fair. I visited Coco's and wasn't sure by the layout of the restaurant/store/bakery/?deli how things worked. No one greeted me and even though I approached the 'bakery' area no one paid any notice. I approached a young man I assumed was an employee and asked if the bakery had vegan items. He didn't seem to know and there were no signs to indicate what was what. I asked if there was a menu and he handed me a paper menu that did not appear to be vegan friendly as advertised, and he walked away. No one else came to seat me or wait on me in any way. So, okay, bye-bye. I went to Calypso Restaurant and had a great meal.

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