Fuel Coffee Shop

New Haven Area, Connecticut


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Delicious vegan tofu scramble in this small, very informal coffee shop. They have vegan bacon and cream cheese too!

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Fuel's a nice coffee shop in the Wooster Square area of New Haven. Their food menu is limited and not particularly inspired for vegans, but they do have some excellent vegan cupcakes made by an outside vendor, Little Monster Cakes. My chocolate cupcake was moist and not overly sweet or buttery. They also now have vegan donuts which were spectacular. Best of all, they're made by Little Monster Cakes, which uses spelt flour for most of their products, adding a rich and different taste to things.

I had their tempeh BLT ($8) which was quite tasty and fresh, with excellent bread and nicely cooked tempeh. That said, it felt pricey considering the size of it.

I think Fuel should consider offering vegan breakfast sandwiches. It's easy enough to toast a bagel and then put some fried tofu, seitan, mock sausage or fakin' bacon on the thing, maybe with some Daiya vegan cheese, or some nut cheeses, if you want to be interesting.

It's also cash-only, which is always annoying, but oh well.

Fuel's a long walk from downtown New Haven, so be prepared for that. If it had a more convenient location I'd go more often.

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