Cornucopia Natural Foods

Long Island, New York


rating star

this place is absolutely amazing! they have almost anything and i am almost sure that they can order an item if they don't have it stocked~ The deli section has wonderful food, my favorite is the fakin bacon wraps, they taste like real bacon!~

rating star

Boy, do I like this place! Perhaps the only downside is that it's essentially a deli/health food store, so service basically consists of placing an order at the counter and taking the tray to a table. Not a terrible thing, of course, but it's not dining.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this place is soup. Two varieties daily, and I've never had anything less than a great bowl--without exaggeration, some of the best soup I've had.

If I wanted more eat-and-run I'd go for their vegan BLT wrap, which is surprising as I've never been a fan of BLTs (in fact, it was months before I ordered it at Cornucopia because of that). Their tofu-dill salad is also excellent.

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