Wally's Falafel and Hummus

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I am at this place ALL the time! There are quite a few vegan things such as the tabouli, falafel, foule, etc... The prices are great and I'm here so much that I've actually made friends with one of the guys working there.

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I've been here twice, and both times had great food and incredible service. The staff is so friendly! During one visit, the server stopped by our table to give us some mint tea for free. On the other visit, the owner stopped by to chat for a bit and find out whether I enjoyed the food.

On my most recent visit, I tried the "Sampler Plate" which came with 4 perfectly fried falafel, whole wheat pita (whole wheat!), hummus, tabouli salad, tahini sauce, and french fries. It was supposed to come with baba ganouge as well, but I had told the server that I was vegan and didn't eat dairy or eggs, and she informed me that the baba ganouge has some dairy in it. So, instead she gave me extra hummus and tabouli. The falafel are uniquely spiced, with a hint of cardamom--I've never had anything quite like it before. It was a lot of food for one person--this plate would be good to share with someone else. I really liked the tabouli salad--it tasted very fresh, had a great bulgur:parsley ratio, and the tomatoes were actually red (instead of the pale, sickly pink color you often find in tomatoes at other middle eastern restaurants--Holy Land, I'm looking at you). The tabouli was a tad too salty for my tastes, and was incredibly juicy--the juice from the salad ended up making the pita and fries on the plate a little soggy.

The food here is so affordable, too! I'll definitely be back here more often.

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My friend and I had falafels with extra veggies, and they were great. The service was fast.

They played the music very loud. They forgot to bring the water I asked for, even though there were few people there.

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Wally's has excellent falafel and Middle Eastern dishes at disgustingly low prices. I'm still shocked that you can find food this good, for prices that low, in this day and age.

I first had a falafel sandwich ($2.99) which was superb: lightly toasted pita, fresh tahini, cucumbers and tomatoes, along with wonderfully seasoned falafel pieces. It was a substantial, delicious meal at the lowest price I've ever seen for a falafel sandwich in the US.

You can also upgrade your sandwich with eggplant, fried potatoes and cauliflower for a measly $1 more.

Given how great the falafel was, I decided to stick around and order some baba ganouge ($2.99). It was also excellent. It was presented in a beautiful way, on an actual plate (other places in this price range serve stuff on styrofoam), with six warm, soft slices of pita. I think the baba ganouge could have been roasted slightly more, but it was still wonderfully tart.

I went back later for their foule appetizer ($2.99) and lentil soup ($2.99) both of which are vegan by default. The lentil soup was thick and savory, but not over-salted. It was hearty in a way you don't see often enough (Babani's in St. Paul comes close) and definitely hit the spot for a frigid winter day.

The foule was also a wonderful dish, consisting of beans, olive oil, herbs and spices, along with some soft, warm pita. Foule is made specifically from fava beans and you don't see the dish that often on menus in the US. It's a great, refreshing alternative to ubiquitous options like hummus or baba ganouj (both of which can be great, but are also over-played).

The service was friendly and I'm impressed that they accept credit cards given how low their prices are. The hours are great, too, as Wally's is open pretty much all day from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. Great for lunch or a super-late-night snack.

My only gripes would be that Wally's doesn't offer whole wheat pita as an option and that they don't have any vegan desserts.

Other than that, this is unusually high-grade food, served with care and delicacy, at unbelievable prices. Wally's is highly recommended.

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