Home Grown Cafe

Newark, Delaware


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If your expectations are low, you won't be disappointed. As far as the vegan options go, Home Grown tries, but half-heartedly. I don't know if the problem is that no one on the kitchen staff is vegan themselves or if they simply assume that vegan food is tasteless. The quality of the food ranges depending on when you go, but most of the times I've been (maybe 10 times over the past year) my meal was either underseasoned or cold. And yes, I've been there that often because there's simply nowhere else to go. Delaware sucks for vegans.
That said, there are a couple good things: they use Daiya cheese (albeit sparingly) and the veggie burger is good. My partner likes the seitan, but I've found that much of the time it's undercooked in the middle. STAY AWAY from the faux shrimp! There are so many quality vegan meat alternatives but they manage to find the worst ones. Yes, there are quite a few vegan options on the menu, but most of it will disappoint.

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Delicious! The menu is varied season to season, since the food is almost entirely locally sourced. Everything is organic and of great quality.

The vegan brunch cannot be beat! They even have vegan omlets and pancakes. As a college student at U of Delaware, it's by far my favorite place to chow down at around campus!

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i love this place! the food is great. it is so convenient. my girlfriend and i had our first date there and we have gone back every year since :)

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The Vegetarian food is great! There are so many options for me to choose from. There are sandwiches and entrees galore! Tofu, seitan, the possibilities are endless I tell you! I love the fun funky atmosphere and the service is amazing!!

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