The Shoreline Diner And Vegetarian Enclave

New Haven Area, Connecticut


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For an American diner in the middle of Connecticut, Shoreline has an unusual array of vegan options, including desserts. That said, the food here is pricey and not particularly memorable.

I got the stuffed bell peppers ($14) which were two hollowed-out bell peppers filled with wild rice, tomatoes and some other diced vegetables. The dish suffered for lack of seasoning and salt; I think it could have marinated or sauteed the vegetable and wild rice stuffing with some kind of a soy base, or maybe some Indian spices (cumin, turmeric, garlic, onions, curry leaves, etc.).

For dessert I had a slice of vegan Napoleon cake ($7) which was a huge slice of layered cream and thin pastry slices. I wish the pastry had been flakier (it had gone slightly soft and chewy), but that might have been a function of how long the cake had been sitting out. All that said, it still tasted good and it's rare to see such a complicated vegan dessert pretty much anywhere, let alone a retro diner again, in the middle of Connecticut.

While the food here is competent on a whole, it didn't feel like a great value, as I paid nearly $30 for a meal for one, including tax and tip. While Shoreline (and its sister restaurant Georgie's) is to be lauded for offering vegan dishes and desserts, it could stand to improve the quality of its food.

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The vegetarian selections are more exotic than usual diner fare (tempeh, etc., though no TVP), but it's not especially good. The service was unbelievably slow, the manager was incredibly rude, and parts of our meal were inedible (not just "it ain't good," but "there's a woody piece of zucchini tip in that wrap"). Took us an hour to get a simple tempeh reuben and a veggie wrap. Oh, and they were out of tofu (which we learned 20 minutes after initially ordering). Went once, won't go back.

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Excellent vegetarian takes on old-school diner classics! They're also open late, so after a night out in New Haven, this is a great place to stop.

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This is the place to take your meat-eating friends to. They can eat traditional diner food, while you can order from the vegetarian selections. The smell of hamburgers and meatloaf make it difficult for me to eat, so I really cannot recommend this place. I would be concerned about cross-contamination and would avoid anything that is fried or grilled.

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