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Twin Cities, Minnesota


How disappointing! I was excited to see that there was a place very close to me that offered vegan pizza options. I love Pizza Luce and Galactic Pizza, but it was nice to see a place close to home that made vegan pizza. I was very disappointed to find out that they actually don't offer ANY vegan pizza options, despite their website indicating that they did. Without a vegan crust option for their pizzas (as another reviewer mentioned, neither of their crusts are vegan one contains egg and the other contains honey), vegan cheese means very little. They are really limiting their potential customer base by making their dairy-free pizzas non-vegan.

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Regarding the note below about the honey, it is now clearly noted in their menu that honey is used in their crust. I was so happy to see that a place in the burbs is offering Daiya cheese, that's huge!

The pizza was so delicious and fresh (I had the eggplant kind) and it was unbelievably affordable. I will be going back here again and again!!

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My first time here I was amazed at how great the pizza was. One time this summer (2010) I went back I was chatting with the staff and learned they use HONEY is their crust yet still call it Vegan. The staff person could not understand why it should not be deemed vegan. Perhaps they have since changed it or will in the future but for now I will not be going back.

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The vegan pizza is delicious. I've had the california, veggie and eggplant pizzas and all of them were great with the Daiya cheese. A personal pizza is filling and does not make you want to take a nap after eating it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a vegan pizza. I was not a big fan of the soy cheeses out there. This cheese is the closest to cheese as you can get without having to use an animal. I will be a regular at this place.

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We were completely satisfied with everything we had here. The place itself looks like a little pizza parlor-very cute an cozy. We got a large veggie pizza with Daiya, an order of nachos with refried beans and Daiya and cinna-dots (do contain honey for those of you that avoid it) minus the icing and our bill was $30. This place was incredibly delicious and I would come back in a heartbeat. The pizza was flavorful and crust was chewy. The nachos were piled high with veggies and beans as well as a hefty amount of Daiya. The cinna-dots were also very tasty, sweet and fluffy.
The service was friendly and prompt and the owner was very informative. I would definitely come back here to eat. They offer take-out, eat-in and take and bake pizzas.

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