The Pepper Market

Orlando, Florida


rating star

This is a decent place to eat if you are stuck in the Disney realm, though better for dinner than breakfast or lunch.

For dinner, they have various food-prep stations that you walk up to and watch your food made to order in front of you. At least during less crowded times that helps make it easy to ensure that they really don't put cheese in if you don't want it, for example. (The downside is watching them cook meat alongside your meal.) There are are least three vegetarian options on the menu--pizza, veggie burger, and veggie burrito. I definitely recommend the burrito over the burger; the side of shredded, lightly wilted iceberg lettuce didn't make it looks promising, but the burrito is actually pretty good, if a little overpriced ($12 ).

For breakfast and lunch, they have an all-you-can-eat buffet. I didn't try those because it sounded like an expensive gamble as to whether there'd good veggie options, and in any case I'd feel like I was paying for meat whether I ate it or not.

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