Il Margutta Vegetariano

Rome, Italy


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I ate at Il Margutta Ristorarte twice because it was just that good. It still is the best vegan restaurant I have ever been to. And classy! It is a high scale place as well as an art gallery. My mother was bitterly complaining about not having "real Italian" food while in Rome and she promised we would try at least one vegan/vegetarian restaurant while we were there. After much protest (and several nights of me eating cheeseless salads and pasta with marinara), I convinced her to try this place. She liked it so much she wanted to go again the next night! Figures.

They have seasonal menu's. For the summer menu, I had the "vegan menu" sample. I also had the Chef's Salad & the warm bean and pasta potage with courgette flowers and
basil garnish. Seriously... Heaven in your mouth!

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Margutta has a full vegetarian lunch buffet, with unforgettable and unique Italian and Mediterranean dishes that I've never tasted before or since. I ate there twice on a 5-day visit to Rome, and wished I could have gone again.

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