The Art of Food

Sacramento, California


rating star

I ordered the Italian raw pizza with a side salad. The food was AMAZING! Alittle expensive but worth every bite. Seriously I could survive a lifetime off of eating just that pizza.I know organic food is more expensive and I've never eatin in a vegan restaurant before, but I know that money is the reason people eat un-healthy. I'm so happy this restaurant is here,I can now send my father who lives close by to a restaurant that has food that wont hurt him. He has diabetes and I just found out I'm allergic to almost everything (Dairy, Soy, Wheat, Spelt, Citrus, and Peanuts) Food makes me ITCHY! He is always headed to Mickey-d's, but now I and he can get the right foods at this wonderful place. I will be back to try EVERYTHING else. Oh I had this brownie to, made with only three ingredients and guess what it was the bomb!

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