Green Bee Produce Co-op

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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I didn't know what to expect when I ordered my box, but I saw the good reviews on this site and decided to go for it. Picked it up this morning from my chosen charity, and I was thoroughly impressed with the selection and quality. My box had the following:

5-lb bag red potatoes
1 head broccoflower
2 zucchini
1 bunch celery
1 bunch asparagus
1 head Romaine lettuce
1 bag baby carrots

1 lb strawberries
5 bananas
4 Fuji? apples
1 large bag grapes
1 small bag cherries
1 personal watermelon

4 fortune cookies

This assortment cost $18.50, had no tax & I ordered online. Plus, a portion of the profit goes to the charity or school you buy from. If I had to make an educated guess (and if I were to cheat by comparing prices to Safeway's website), I would say that the produce from Green Bee presented at least 50% savings over the grocery store. The produce was also in quite good condition. There were a couple of blemishes on the greens, but nothing in the box was the kind of produce I would have passed on at the store. It was fun to receive and open the box, like it was a birthday present for my stomach.

I guess the only thing I would ask from them is to open more locations. Most of the ones they have now are in east Mesa, and the pickup times vary by location. Luckily, the charity I chose gave me a window of time instead of having to be there at exactly the chosen time. The availability of pickup will vary based on the charity chosen.

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This program is wonderful!!!!! You get a Bee Box full of fresh fruits and veggies for $18.50. It’s a huge box. They also offer a smaller box for those who can't eat that much. You place an order each week on their website GREENBEECO-OP.COM and choose a pickup location......they've partnered up with different churches and schools and organizations in the community for pickup sites.....and you go there on the set date and time to get your box......the best part is that whichever site you choose for pickup get part of the box cost donated to them!!!! They have also been offering different kinds of boxes like the salsa box. It came with all the stuff to make homemade salsa. It was great!!!! My daughter’s school is hosting the Green Bee fundraiser. I place my order and pickup it up when I pick her up from school. My daughter said they have made so much money off of this fundraiser!! It makes me happy to hear that a local business actually cares about our kids / community.

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I recently started buying a weekly Bee Box from Green Bee and its been great! It way cheaper then buying produce from the grocery store and it takes less time! For only $18.50 for the large box I got a ton of produce that would cost a lot more at the grocery store. I've recommended this to all my friends and they also love it! Thought everyone here on VegGuide should know about it too!

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I found this to be a very easy way to increase my families intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. I simply go online and order each week and they bring it to me. This week they had fantastic BLACK BERRIES,STRAWBERRIES and well as BLUEBERRIES, I was in heaven. All this for $18.50. The charity they featured this month was Susan G Komen Breast Cancer, that was awesome. My parents are buying the Express box which is perfect for a family of 2. Its exactly half the size of the classic box and at $12.50 is a bargain. I reccomend this group big time, and with the 100% guarantee you cant go wrong. They also Dont require a commitment so the biggest problem is remembering to order. Anyway remember Green Bee Produce Co-op , contact them at, I dont have their phone number.

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