Loving Hut Orange

Orange County, California


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Our first visit. Thanks VegGuide for the heads up! This small place is very clean and new looking. My wife had the crispy noodle Chow-Fun while I had the BBQ Noodle. We shared a Spring Roll Appetizer. The portions are very generous. My wife took part of her dish and half of the Spring Roll Appetizer home for a nice evening meal. My wife was alarmed when the appetizer appeared as she is allergic to shrimp. Artistic creations can appear so convincingly. I guess I should say this is our first visit to a Vegan restaurant so no danger there. My BBQ Noodle bowl was filled with rice noodles and terrific thinly sliced BBQ tofu with plenty of fresh vegetables. This ol' Southern Boy could imagine a sandwich made of these jewels. I'm already planning my next visit to include a take home order of BBQ Soy protein, oh and a side order of those Sweet potato fries. I'm also thinking my scarred taste buds might also enjoy one of their dishes labeled with an added red pepper. Say, the Royal Noodle Soup or a Fabulous Mongolian. Yeah, bring it on!

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This is one of the better Loving Hut's menu wise (They differ by location). Great food though a very small little whole in the wall.

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Luv it! BBQ Noodles is my favorite, Hainam is my husbands...friendly, clean, large serving sizes... we go about 2 times a month.

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Following the downfall of the Loving Hut HB (see my review), we went in search of another option, as we enjoy the menu and affordable pricing of the Loving Hut chain. We tried out the Loving Hut Ladera Ranch, but it is quite a drive, and found it to be good, albeit a bit "whitewashed" (no real surprise given the neighborhood). I will post a review for them when I can. So, off we went to the Loving Hut Orange.

The demographic of the patrons, the locale, and the staff made it immediately apparent that this was a legit spot for vegan Vietnamese food. We ordered Pho, Summer Rolls, and the Spicy Mambo. The pho was flavorful and complex, and the large size bowls were enormous (I will order a small next time). The Summer Rolls were also delicious, with plenty of jicama for crunch. The peanut sauce was thick and delicious, although Mrs. J-G thought it had too much of a hoisin flavor to it. The Spicy Mambo was peppery and flavorful, and is something we will order again. The menu is available here --> http://lovinghut.us/orange/menu/menu.html

Serving sizes were generous, as we took food home (we admittedly over-ordered, wanting to sample several offerings). Service was excellent, as our server was friendly and attentive, but not intrusive.

The space inside was small, consistent in size with the Loving Hut HB, and much smaller than the Ladera Ranch location, but patio seating was available as well, which is a nice option. The ubiquitous Supreme Master TV was on (of course), but at a low volume and was very unobtrusive.

I am giving it four stars after the initial visit, and will update the review and my rating based on future visits and the consistency of the service and the food. The Loving Hut Orange has the potential for five stars, I am just being conservative to begin with.

Edit/Update: After numerous return visits, Loving Hut Orange rates five stars. The Pho is delicious, and the Seafood Noodle Bowl and the Jackfruit Salad are not to be missed. This is my go-to Hut.

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