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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Noodles is a great place to go grab a quick bite to eat. The Japanese Pan noodles with tofu is my favorite dish, and it's vegan.

I also love that if you sign up for their "noodlegrams" online, they email you occasional buy one get one free coupons as well as a free dish on your birthday.

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Noodles and Company recently did an about face towards its treatment of vegetarian customers.
It used to offer vegetarian meals, and state which items are vegetarian, but, no longer does this.
When asking employees which items are vegetarian, they are generally unable or unwilling to answer, and all indications as to what items are vegetarian on the menu have been removed.
I used to recommend highly, and now, i recommend staying away from this establishment as it has gone from vegetarian friendly to openly hostile towards vegetarians or anyone who wants to know what is in the food they are eating.

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When determining what is vegan, the staff will usually turn to the N&C "Allergy Guide", a handy reference of ingredient categories. You will learn that there are three vegan dishes out-of-the-box:

* Japanese Pan
* Indonesian Peanut
* Bangkok Curry

The others will all have the 'dairy' box checked, but the following dishes can be *made* vegan, if you ask them to remove the cheese and cream:

* Tomato Marinara (cheese)
* Pasta Fresca (cheese)
* Whole Grain Fettucine (cheese and cream)

Also, the Rustic Roll is vegan, but the other bread is not (and don't forget to ask for "No butter, please!")

(This information all comes from a pleasant email conversation with a Noodles customer service representative named 'Kara', fwiw.)


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