Osaka Japanese Restaurant

Springfield, Illinois
1665 Wabash Ave.
Springfield, Illinois
(217) 726-8037


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Hibachi restaurant offering a variety of vegetarian options

Sit at the hibachi tables to watch the chefs grill your meal in front of you. Includes a Thai menu, Japanese menu, sushi bar and martini bar. Try the Japanese onion soup or miso soup for starters (neither contains fish broth). Entrees include a variety of stir-fries, including basil, garlic, ginger, mango, cashew or lemon grass. Be sure to request tofu or vegetables instead of meat, and request no fish or oyster sauces. Also offers various curries, such as red, green and panang. Noodle dishes include Pad Thai and Pad See Ew. Sushi bar offers avocado, cucumber and mixed vegetable rolls. Meals cost about $12.

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There are quite a number of Asian restaurants which tends to be the best bet for eating veg. Osaka is newer and has a rather extensive menu of Japanese hibachi and traditional entrees, sushi, and Thai food. They also boast a large range of home infused vodka's, whiskey's, sake's, and rum's (which are tasty too). This place has sort of turned into the hip place to go it seems and would be great to take someone out on a date. I usually go with a seaweed salad (their house salad dressing has dairy in it), hibachi soup (the miso soup contains fish stock), edamame, and the vegetable mix sushi (it comes with salad so no salad, just trade out the miso soup for hibachi soup). There are many Thai entree's that can be made vegan including eggplant, trio nuts, mango, etc. Just be sure to ask for tofu and no fish sauce or oyster sauce. The same can be said for the Thai noodle dishes (no egg too). Appetizers that are also good are the fried tofu and the summer rolls (ask for tofu instead of shrimp in them). There are a couple other vegetarian sushi rolls on the menu as well as vegetable teriyaki (check for fish sauce in the teriyaki; I have not had this dish so always best to check). Lastly, Osaka also has vegetable tempura, mini rolls, and gyoza, but again, one would have to double check for dairy/eggs. I had a great experience here with a very knowledgeable waitress who knew what was exactly vegan and not.

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Vegetable Mix Sushi

Vegetable Mix Sushi

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