Noodles & Company

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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If it weren't for the excellent Indonesian peanut saute, I probably wouldn't bother going to Noodles & Company.

To clarify on another reviewer's comment that they aren't veggie-friendly, I'd advise everyone to look ahead at "diet guide" and figure out what's in each dish for clarification, rather than asking a possibly inexperienced employee who might not know.

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Noodles and Company recently did an about face towards its treatment of vegetarian customers.
It used to offer vegetarian meals, and state which items are vegetarian, but, no longer does this.
When asking employees which items are vegetarian, they are generally unable or unwilling to answer, and all indications as to what items are vegetarian on the menu have been removed.
I used to recommend highly, and now, i recommend staying away from this establishment as it has gone from vegetarian friendly to openly hostile towards vegetarians or anyone who wants to know what is in the food they are eating.

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Great place to grab a bite, whether take-out or dine in, when you're in a hurry or don't want to venture out. Occasionally the Indonesian Peanut Saute is too spicy for my taste. Feed two for less than 14$

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