The Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe

Sacramento, California

Closed as of Mar 1 12

2315 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95816


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Serves comfort foods and American diner dishes

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice, Grocery/Bakery/Deli

From the website: "We feature comfort foods to warm the soul, our fantastic line of sweets, organic and fairly traded coffee and teas, organic Italian sodas and unique gifts and crafts.

"Additionally we have FREE WIFI, local artist showcasing their work and a music and poetry scene in the evenings."

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This place is amazing!!!! A friend and I went down there to taste test some desserts because she's going to have them cater her wedding but we ended up ordering a bunch of other food. The cafe itself is adorable, welcoming, and there is a ton of seating area in the main dining area, the side room, the huge back patio, and the front patio! The employees are friendly and it's just a great environment.

We started with the spinach artichoke dip with crostini. It has an AMAZING flavor but it wasn't really a dip so it was hard to eat. It had whole spinach leaves and huge chunks of artichoke hearts and the crostini was long and thin so you couldn't really use them to scoop up the "dip". Either way, the flavor was great so we spooned chunks of veggies onto the bread or just ate it with our forks.

Next, we had the vegan tuna sandwich, which was made using jackfruit, which I love. Jackfruit has a great flavor and meaty texture (without having to rely on processed, fake meats), but that didn't really come out in the spread because it was so thoroughly processed. It's hard to make faux fish, and this sandwich was really good.

We then got the Midtown burger, which was basically a vegan Big Mac. It was AMAZING. I normally don't go for veggie burgers because they can be so simple and easily made at home but this burger was right on. The flavor of the burger and especially the vegan Thousand Island sauce made it fantastic.

We then tried a number of cupcakes, including the red velvet, cherry chocolate chip, lime-coconut, and the faux hostess cupcakes. I think the faux hostess with the chocolate base (it also comes with a vanilla base) was my favorite. However, we visited on a Friday, which is apparently the worst day to get baked goods, as they put out all fresh baked items on Saturday. The desserts were a little dry but you could tell they're well made and I bet they're amazing fresh.

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Almost everything I've tried here has been excellent, the one exception being that I don't care for the cinnamon rolls - too yeasty.

The avocado sweet-potato panini is excellent, the tempeh reuben is not to be missed. The Sunday brunch is excellent, though they don't offer reduced prices for kids. The regular menu could also be more kid friendly - my five year old wants a plain old PBJ, not a $9 gourmet meal.

Still, it's a favorite for my husband and I on date night.

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$$ - average


  • American


  • Live Music
  • Wi-Fi


Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe not long after opening day.

Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe not long after opening day.

faux Hostess cupcake spinach and artichoke dip


9am - 8pm
9am - 9pm
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10am - 8pm

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