Zeitgeist Arts Cafe

Duluth, Minnesota


Called and was informed that all three salads could be made vegan, as well as the mushroom burger and the Thai chili bowl, but that was it.

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Mostly vegetarian and some vegan options. When I last went, I had tried two of the three vegan options at the time. The curry was good, would recommend it to any vegans dining there. The other menu item they have since discontinued (a broiled tofu and veg combination lacking much needed rice with a portion enough to feed a small child for $12+). Prices are very high and the atmosphere, though trying to be modern and chic is a bit cold, as was the waitstaff we had, and as was the actual temperature in the building. Did not leave me with a desire to go back again. They have since changed their menu and there are a few more vegan options, may be worth checking out.

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I love love love their mushroom buger - is just a big mushroom cap with a bunch of other stuff, and it really sort of tastes like a burger. You can get it with or without feta. There are several options of big salads, and some really good pasta options as well. In addition, the atmosphere is really nice and everything seems really clean!

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