Cafe Blossom

Manhattan, New York City

Closed as of May 1 10

1522 First Ave
New York, NY


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Sister restaurant to Blossom, in the Upper East Side

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Cafe Blossom is the Upper East Side companion to existing Blossom and will feature organic, vegan, gourmet cuisine. It is set to open December 4, 2009 and will be a cafe, like the Upper West Side location.

The menu appears to be the same or very similar to the menu at the Chelsea location and includes items ranging from $13 sandwiches (vegan bacon cheeseburger, Philly steak), to $22 entrees (spinach gnocchi, seitan with lemon-caper sauce and chard). Cafe Blossom also offers a number of homemade cakes and other desserts.

Cafe Blossom also has a bar and juice bar and offers delivery.

Added by Cass Danger on Nov 30 09 (last updated Jun 20 10)

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This Cafe Blossom location features a menu not unlike the ones at the other two locations. However, this location is my least favorite of all three.

For one thing, the decor here is less appealing, as it's minimal, but not in a cool way. The service was also mediocre (for one thing, our server didn't give us individual plates so we could share our appetizer).

We started with a lentil rings in phyllo dough that bordered on bland; also, the avocado "mousse" that came with it was really just a tiny dollop, and old and grey at that. It added no flavor. We should have gotten the "mushroom cigars" instead.

My friend had the Southern Seitan sandwich, of which I tried a bite. It was good, but not great. My friend enjoyed it, though, and he's not vegetarian in the least.

I had a soy bacon cheeseburger, which was excellent. The burger pattie was juicy and firm, the soy bacon was perfectly crisp, and the Daiya cheddar cheese is a marvel (for the record, Daiya's cheddar cheese is even better than its mozzarella). The chipotle aioli also adds a good amount of spiciness without being overpowering. My only suggestions for improvement would be to increase the size of the burger by a quarter-inch all around, so it more closely fits its bun size; also, offer a wholewheat bun. That said, Blossom's white flour bun was unusually good as far as white flour goes.

For dessert we had a chocolate ganache drizzled with caramel. It was like a mini chocolate sponge cake and had great texture. I think it could have been slightly sweeter, but it was good on a whole. I also enjoyed the mini lemongrass-infused mini chocolate truffles that came with the ganache.

We also had a Butterfinger shake, which was superb. It was clearly better than the ganache. It was like drinking a Butterfinger bar and, let me tell you, that's awesome.

This is the newest location for Cafe Blossom, so I'm sure they're still working out some kinks. I'm glad it's around, but I'd rather go to the location on the Upper West Side, or the original Chelsea branch instead.

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Upper East Side


4,5,6 to 86th street


$$ - average


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  • American
  • Eclectic (Fusion)
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  • Brunch
  • Delivery
  • Romantic



11:30am - 10pm
11:30am - 10:15pm
11:30am - 9:15pm

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