Asado Coffee Co.

Chicago, Illinois


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Asado is a small coffee-roasting shop that offers one vegan food option: a crepe on the weekends. It might offer other stuff during the rest of the week, but I am not sure. They serve the crepe from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the weekends.

I came and had the pre-configured vegan crepe on the menu ($6) (tofurkey and cheddar). It was pretty tasty on a whole, though the crepe itself was slightly sweet, which didn't gel with the savory taste of the tofurkey and Daiya cheddar.

At $6 it was pretty expensive, considering that it was basically the size of a small falafel sandwich. Granted, the ingredients are unusual and high-grade vegan, but for $6 I expect more than a small snack. Maybe they could include a cup of coffee or tea with the crepe, to make it into a combo meal? That said, it's still cool to be able to get a vegan crepe, which is a rare treat.

Tea options are limited (granted, this is a coffee shop) and seating is also limited (there's space for about six people at the small tables and then another six or so at the counter.

They didn't have any vegan baked goods on the Saturday that I went, though I've heard that they sometimes carry stuff from the wonderful Fritz Pastry (1408 W. Diversey). While I'm glad I got to try the crepe, I probably won't go back often, considering their overall lack of vegan options.

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