Cafe 103

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Closed as of Jun 1 12

103 University Ave
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00925


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veg-friendly bar and cafe

Restaurant, Bar

Cafe 103 is a popular bar and cafe in Rio Piedras that's mostly frequented by students and young people. They offer only two veggie options (hummus platter and veggie sandwich) but are apparently well-known for this. They also are one of the few places that offers soy milk for coffee and batidas (fruit smoothies).

The inside is very small and only features about 5 tables but a lot of people just hang out at the bar or outside so there is often a seat.

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I must say, I was a bit disappointed when I got here and saw they only have two veggie options because several people told me they have good veg food, but I was very surprised and happy with my food and the bartender was probably the friendliest and liveliest guy ever.

I ordered the hummus platter and have to say it's some of the best hummus I've ever had. It had a strong roasted garlic flavor and came with a ton of oil and seasoning, which I loved. Although I explained that I don't eat eggs and dairy, my hummus plate came with some potatoes topped with spicy mayo (it seems like every restaurant in PR is all about the spicy may), just ask to have it without mayo if you visit.

When the bartender heard me discussing whether or not I should get a batida (smoothie) without milk with my friend, he offered to make it with soy milk, which I didn't see on the menu. Outstanding. It was delicious.

I really loved this place. The food was great and the service was nice and I highly recommend trying it. I don't know exactly what their hours are but they are open late (at least midnight), which is refreshing because all the exclusively veg spots close at 4pm.

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