El 8 de Blanco

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Scary neighborhood, drunks stumbling, homeless men pushing carts, graffiti on the walls and terribly loud music in this area. I was directed upstairs by an unfriendly bouncer. The seating was not comfortable nor was the atmosphere of the bar. Workers were yelling at the TV screen during a sports game. Generally, staff was not inviting at all. The food was good, though... Vegetable pasta was very flavorful with lots of veggies. The portion was large and also included 3 pieces of garlic bread that were smothered with butter, so you can ask them to exclude that. $6 is a great bargain and $3 for a side salad. I paid $10.63 for the meal including a bottle of Nikini water. P.S. They serve with plastic utensil :)

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I wasn't super impressed with the food here but it was super cheap and apparently that's what they're known for. My veggie burger and fries (I subbed yuca fries for reg. fries) was only $5, which is SO cheap. The burger wasn't anything spectacular (tasted like Gardenburger) but it was good enough. I wasn't a fan of the yuca fries though, they just tasted like chewy, overfried mess. The tostones, however, were delicious.

It seems like everything her (tostones, fries, burgers) comes with a spicy mayo on the side so just ask to not receive that (or just throw it away, but that's wasteful).

The service wasn't fabulous but I guess that's expected with cheap food. The only thing I think you can get super quickly is a Puerto Rican beer, which you can buy from one of the scantily-clad models the company pays to walk around in heels to sell.

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