Vigor Health Food Store and Restaurant

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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This the one of the first Health Food Store in Puerto Rico they have more than 40 years established. They have a great prices on products and they also give lunch restaurant service with excellent spinach lasagna, and other vegetarian dishes. I recommend this place they have a great location and theres also parking on the front and in the back of the store. Every day theres a different menu. Their personal is very attentive and it is a family owned place. Ask for Jorge or Mercedes and they will guide you around the store and help you to select the product that you may need.

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This place was so great to find but it would be difficult to give directions to get here. I just happened to meet an old vegetarian man at another veg restaurant and he drove me past here to show it to me and it happened to be a 10 minute walk from where I was staying.

The health food store has the same selection of veggie products that you find in most other places and the prices are about the same. However, I found the price for the food in the restaurant to be a better deal than many other restaurants. We got the lunch special (which I think is the only option they sell) and it was about $7.50 and included a main dish, a side, and a soup or salad.

I got what I think was called amarillo or amarillito, which was basically a layer of plantains, a layer of seasoned soy/tofu, and another layer of plantains and then baked. Delicious. I then got the rice with the lentil soup (although the other veggie soup that day looked better). I was supposed to get a salad with that but salads bore me so the lady let me get their steamed veggies, which included carrots, broccoli, potato, and chayote. Very good food at a very good price.

We got there right when the place was opened at 11am so they were still bringing some items out so if you want a full selection, maybe go around noon.

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