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My boyfriend and I (both vegetarian, although trying to eat as little dairy/eggs as possible) ate here in June 2010. We enjoyed excellent vegetable mofongo dish and a cassava vegetable dish that was accompanied by rice and beans. Delicious!
There were a few other vegetarian/vegan items on the menu, and we were happy to see that many locals were stopping in here or ordering out for lunch. The service was a tiny bit slow (they were busy), but the food was definitely worth it. One of the few places to get a decent veg meal in Old San Juan, PR. Although they are only open until 4pm (we wanted to stop back for dinner), it was definitely the best meal we had during a 5 day trip and I definitely recommend it to veg travelers.

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This was one of my favorite restaurants in Puerto Rico for several reasons:

-the food was authentic Puerto Rican food with a veggie twist
-the restaurant made a point of using the word "vegetarian" on the menu, which I didn't find to be the case often
-the vegetarian options were much more interesting than just rice and beans or just a salad

I had the vegetarian mofongo, which was delicious. Mofongo is the most typical Puerto Rican dish and is made from fried plantains which are then mashed to form a bowl (often includes bacon and butter), then is stuffed with meat or veggies. This was one of the only places that offered veggie meat so I had to try the soy meat mofongo but I really wanted to try the veggie version with chayote and broccoli so the waitress said they could do half and half. The kitchen forgot to include the veggie meat so she brought it out on a separate plate. I actually preferred the veggies to the soy meat. The veggie meat texture wasn't spectacular but it was still very good and a wonderful compliment to the plantains.

I was hoping to return and try some of their veggie sandwiches but they were unexpectedly closed for repairs when I returned.

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